It carries out the production of design products in a closed area of 10.000 m2 with the understanding of quality products & quality raw materials.

MIRAGE, which aims to always offer quality products to its customers with the quality control processes carried out at every stage of production, gathered under one roof by strengthening its polishing and flooring lines with the investments it made in 2001.

In the process where the traditional production system and technology work together, the parts that make up the product tree are modeled one by one, their molds are removed, rough processes are made in the machines, engraving etc. After the decoration processes are done, it enters the polishing process and is delivered to the final consumer.

Leaf, which is the abandonment of Classical Furniture, is based on the principle of thinning the gold to the size of a dice by beating. Today, this process was carried out with rollers, while in the past it was carried out under more difficult conditions.

The product to be covered with foil is cleaned and its skeleton is revealed. Then, the chemical mixtures that prepare the ground for the foil process are applied to the wood in five layers. It is sanded first with coarse sandpaper and then with fine sandpaper to ensure minimum roughness on the surface. A red soil called kilermeni or lambez is melted and the product is reprocessed with this mixture. After drying, gold plating begins. The product, which is left to dry for 1 day, is polished with a grating made of jade stone and star coating process is performed. Leaf adhesive is applied to the surface with a chemical brush and dried for a while. Polish and varnish is applied to the dried product.

Believing that the longevity of the products is not a coincidence, MIRAGE in its products; It uses first class materials with quality qualification certificates.

The design details, which are generously offered by nature and hidden in the nature of wood, are brought to light with all their realism by using quality materials.
Wooden coated products and lacquered products are traded in the lacquer shop within the body of MIRAGE.

In coated products; After the coating is pressed, necessary sanding operations are carried out, sufficient amount of polish material is applied to the surface, then the final layer polishing is applied in the required amount after fine sanding and the product is left to dry. While the varnish used in the first process is used for filling, the actual appearance of the varnishes used in the later stages is revealed.